Created with respect, love and passion to the breed

About Us

Kopos Namai – that’s the name of our hobby and free time passion dedicated to one particular breed – Italian Sighthounds (IS). The home of National, International and World champions.


Three home-bred bitches are living in our small kennel at the moment –  Asha, Nana and youngest addition to the team, blackie Zarzuela. But Kopos Namai is about much more than this: it’s the whole community of people united by the love to dogs in general and to IS’s in particular. It’s about families living with our puppies, about owners of the dogs taking part in our breeding program, finally – about all those IS’s fellows who share the same values and attitudes regarding the breed. These are our friends and the biggest treasure which we cherish dearly and share our time, knowledge and energy with.



We do love dog shows! Sometimes we win, sometimes we lose – but we know for sure that ring is just the clash of different opinions, it’s a show, it’s adrenaline, communication, and a wave of emotions. But the most important – it’s the place to talk about our breed. It’s the gate to people’s hearts and the way to educate, to speak and to deliver Kopos Namai’s message.

We are active participants of Lithuanian and foreign dog shows, taking part in national, international, European and World dog shows. We communicate and work with leading European kennels, take part in the discussions, gaining knowledge and being interested in breed issues all over the world.



Often pregnancies of our bitches are not acceptable for us. First of all our bitches are real family members and friends that do not deserve annual exhausting litters. So every single litter we plan very carefully and with certain intent: to breed individuals carrying certain properties, to follow up valuable line, to preserve what has to be preserved. And to use the best offspring in the future breeding program.



Kopos Namai is strongly orientated in health testing of breeding stock and even those that won’t be used in breeding but are bred by us. Thus we are the kennel that performs the most health tests in Lithuania and Baltics: we do official and certified Patella and eye tests, heart checks, DNR tests for Familial Enamel Hypoplasia, susceptibility to PRA and Glaucoma.



We do not breed often so usually we do not have puppies to offer “here and now”. If you know what you want and are ready to wait patiently for your IS from Kopos Namai – please contact us, let’s talk about it! E-mail for inquiries:



Long term partnership, patience and lots and lots of love that you can give to Kopos Namai kids and to this gorgeous breed.