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Kennel News ➜ Pregnancy confirmed! Nanami x Amerigo = ?

The last litter in Kopos Namai this year and the last litter out of Amerigo Del Barone Rampante – that’s the news we are starting this summer with!


It’s the first litter for our 2,5 years old Nana – Nanami Kopos Namai. This special girl has probably the best temperament I’ve ever seen in IG’s: very friendly to people but loyal to owners, silent but active, may sleep all day long or run in sunny grass around the house, testing the water in the pool.

She was tested in lure coursing runs and proved to be a good runner. Also she is the easiest dog to handle in ring: managed to close her Lithuanian, Latvian, Estonian and Baltic Championships from the first try!

No surprise we call her “The Good Fairy“ at home: she’s the most patient nanny for puppies, the faithful partner in traveling, the obedient dog in ring and the cozy friend for naps.


Enzo – Amerigo Del Barone Rampante – came to us from the famous Italian kennel Barone Rampante. Looks like this guy took everything from his glorious World Winners ancestors: from gorgeous appearance, excellent exterior, gentle temperament to powerful movement. Also he is a skilled runner in lure coursing!

We are truly thankful to Enzo’s breeder Dorella Goldoni for her trust and letting us have Enzo in our breeding program: we believe his input will be very significant for the breed improvement in the region.

We keep our promises for Enzo’s breeder: to use him for a very limited times in breeding and only with Kopos Namai bitches. So this litter will be the last and Enzo won’t be used in breeding anymore.  We are happy to have his two beautiful daughters – Laume Kopos Namai and Mandola Kopos Namai – in co-owning. Both girls took gorgeous exterior from their parents and their fathers movement.

Nana’s and Enzo’s kids should be there at the beginning of July.

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Published On: Wednesday May 31st, 2017