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Kennel News ➜ The Italian Trio: B litter in Kopos Namai


Nanami Kopos Namai – B litter

It was supposed to be names of flowers, but Amerigo‘s breeder Dorella wrote to me: give nice Italian names to those guys! And did I have a choice after that? 🙂

That’s how the story of our B litter names started.

On rainy July evening three little Italian Sighthounds were born to Nanami Kopos Namai and Amerigo Del Barone Rampante. Three big and gorgeous boys. One after mother, two – after father. With beautiful Italian names – like those famous Italian men from literature, music and cinema world.

BARICCO Kopos Namai – like a writer Alessandro Baricco.


BOCELLI Kopos Namai – like a singer Andrea Bocelli.


BADALAMENTI Kopos Namai – like a composer Angelo Badalamenti (I know I know – he was born in USA, but still – comes from Italian family ;), and I grew up with his music, Twins Peaks and all that stuff, so yes, he’s absolutely in place here!)




Wish us luck with this little special family – hopefully at least one of them will be left for co-owning in kennel.

All three puppies are reserved and already have their humans.

Published On: Thursday July 6th, 2017